Make doing business smarter!

What if you could have all the information and tools you needed to help you stand out in your job?
What if these could all be available at the touch of a fingertip?

PartnerPAD from ScanSource makes all this possible.

As of now, you donít need to spend time searching and organizing documents for your sales visits or other business meetings. And follow up after the meeting gets easier too. On top of that, you get direct access to product pricing and ScanSource's stock availability.

ScanSource PartnerPAD: a complete integrated hardware and software solution that lets you do business anytime, no matter where you are.

ScanSource's sales enablement tool

PartnerPAD makes you save time. A lot of time. And as they say, time is money. Youíll see the benefits of this sales enablement solution in no time: direct access to

  • Product information: PDFs, movies, presentations,...
  • ScanSource's actual stock level of every single sku
  • Product pricing and the possibility to request quotes and lead times where you are

No more time wasted on searching and organizing sales and marketing materials. That time is freed up to focus on the strategic part of your deals.